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July 8, 2017

The One of a Kind Wedding Reception Idea Guide

Planning a wedding but tired of the “cookie-cutter” reception ideas? Think beyond the traditional to an inspired, themed wedding complete with details like a cotton candy machine or a high table. Durants Party Rentals offers a vast selection of wedding rentals that go far beyond tables and chairs. Read more about these necessary and fun wedding rental ideas!

#1 Start with Seating

Start with the basics. It goes without saying that a wedding reception doesn’t get very far without seating. “But they’re just tables and chairs, right”? Wrong! Some think that just any seating will do, but, in reality, it sets a mood.

Regal Luxury

Build the theme of your wedding around seating. Start with the tables. Are you looking for elegant or playful? Maybe crafty is more your style. Try long tables in rows with runners and your favorite flowers. Choose ballroom chairs with satin covers and contrasting bows for all the makings of a wedding fit for royalty.

A Night to Remember

Thinking of a more playful, whimsical theme? Try picnic tables or farm tables and benches for an outdoorsy feel. Choose themes like an outdoor barbecue, a fair, or a carnival with games and food to match.

Crafted to Your Taste

If you enjoy arts and crafts, then simple chairs and cozy round tables are perfect. Cover the chairs with fabric or lace and add a touch of color with flowers. Create beautiful centerpieces with flower-filled colored bottles or construct uniquely decorated table runners and top with candles. Your decor will be all you need to light up the night.

#2 Make It Entertaining with Fun Rentals

Carnival and Sweet Treats for All

Recall the carnival theme or the fair? Don’t just pretend; make it real. Serve sweet desserts like cotton candy and sno-cones. There are so many possibilities for excitement.

Rustic Wedding Decoration Rentals

Maybe a carnival isn’t your idea of a special memory. Go rustic with picnic tables and rocking chairs. Decorate with onion lights and utilize chalkboard menus and hay bales. Place burlap runners on your tables with twine-wrapped mason jars as centerpieces.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate uncommon pieces into your wedding reception. Making your day magical, memorable, and meaningful is all about the small details – the items that transport you and your guests to another place.

Wedding Reception Idea Guide

#3 Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Drink Out of Something Cool

You have the seating, the theme, and the mood. Now it’s time to eat, drink, and be married. Your reception isn’t ordinary and your place settings shouldn’t be either. From copper mugs to hobnail goblets, set the mood with your glassware.

Shine with Flatware and Dinnerware

Who said you had to go with stainless steel flatware? Spice things up with gold or silver. Take your royal theme to the next level with china dinnerware. Go out of your way to make your tables eye-catching.

Don’t forget, your serving dishes should be just as fabulous as your dinnerware. Why go with plastic trays, when you could have a more elegant option? Polished aluminum serving ware or gold cake stands can make your wedding stand out from the rest.

At the end of the day, it’s about making your day special. Don’t settle for what everyone else does. Your rentals will set the tone and wow your guests. Be the “I’m dying to go to it” wedding rather than the “have to go to it” wedding.

If you’re planning a wedding reception, make it exceptional by calling your local Durants Party Rentals location!

June 24, 2017

Planning a Corporate Event Checklist for the Ultimate Party

When you end up being the employee that has to plan the next big corporate event, don’t worry! A good plan will serve as your blueprint for making all the right choices. You have been given an important job in planning a party that is going to reflect everything that your company stands for, and Durants Party Rentals Company has the variety of event rentals you need to make it happen.

Consider What You Want to Accomplish with Your Event

Is your event going to be motivating, team building, or purely for fun? Will you be trying to impress clients, rewarding employees for a job well done, or inspiring talented personnel to come up with some new ideas?

Knowing what you want to accomplish will help you plan the event perfectly from start to finish. Once you know your goal, start by setting a budget, choosing a venue, and making a list of any equipment and talent you may need. The menu will need to be planned well in advance, down to the details of which china and flatware you will use.

Planning a Corporate Event

You will also need to decide on the variety of activities that will be offered to guests, along with entertainment. What should you do for music? Does your event include a formal sit-down dinner or will you rely strictly on vendor-style foods like hot dogs and popcorn? If the food will need to be prepared, who will prepare it and where will you obtain the cooking utensils?

What You Should Rent for Your Corporate Event

A great deal of what you need for your corporate event can be rented. One advantage of renting is that you can get a better quality of equipment than you would if you had to purchase everything. For example, you can rent dishes and silverware instead of buying paper and plastic. There are also rentals on a much grander scale that will make your event the premier party of the summer.

  • Tents – We offer a variety of styles and sizes, in tent party rentals, to accommodate every need, from simple frame tents under which to set up various refreshment or activities stands to expansive tents with sidewalls for a more formal setting. We also offer a variety of tent accessories, including lighting, cooling, and heating to make tents more comfortable and elegant.
  • Tables – Tables are an essential part of every corporate event for dining, displays, and many of the activities you may have planned. Consider every area where you will need tables and the number you will need for both children and adults. Don’t forget to create a table plan and post it where it is highly visible at the event.
  • Chairs and Seating – Our variety of chairs and seating options provide you with the perfect arsenal for seating dining guests, watching the show, or just taking a break from all the festivities. We have the perfect seating choices for casual or elegant events.
  • Amusements – It seems like every event you go to has popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, sno-cones, and pretzels. No wonder! These event-friendly foods are part of the reason that people go to events in the first place. Don’t disappoint them. Our variety of vendor-like machines is certain to make all of your attendees happy.
  • Inflatables – Inflatables are one of the most popular forms of entertainment for kids today. Our inflatable rentals are an instant way to turn your event into one that is super kid-friendly. Choose from a variety of obstacle courses, slides, bounce houses, games, water inflatables, and more! Provide hours of entertainment for all of your youngest guests and give the adults time to enjoy the rest of the activities.

At Durants Party Rentals, we understand what is riding on your creating the perfect party plan and turning it into a reality. We have helped individuals and businesses alike with the Children’s Cancer Fund Walk, outdoor book sales to benefit Friends of the Danbury Library, and the New Milford Hospital Pro-Am Golf Tournaments. Every event is unique, and we have the crew and the rental equipment to help you achieve the goals you have for your event. Call one of our five locations listed below, and let’s get started planning your perfect event!

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June 7, 2017

Transform Party Tent Rentals with These Decorative Techniques

Have you ever attended a wedding, birthday party, family reunion, or another type of event where the host rented a party tent but failed to add decorative elements to it? If you have, then the first thing you probably noticed is how plain, drab, and ordinary the tent looked.

The next time you rent a party tent, you will want to add your own decorative flair to liven up the tent and make it fit with your celebration or event theme. Most party tents feature support poles and other such structures that can be decorated. To help get your creative ideas flowing, here are some different outdoor tent decorating ideas and techniques you might want to use.

  • Fabric Swags – This technique is where you use colored fabrics that complement the colors or theme. One method is to take several runners of different colored fabrics and secure them to the center roof support of the tent. Next, you can twist these together and then wrap them around the other roof supports, or allow them to drape, creating a billowy effect. Some people also combine pole draping of lights with swags.

Transform Party Tent Rentals

  • Sidewall Lining – Along the sidewalls of the tent, you can drape lights, fabrics, and other such decorative items to go along with any elements you added to the tent’s ceiling.
  • Room Dividers – If you want to divide up specific areas under the tent or want to decorate along the side openings, room dividers work well. With certain styles, you can also use lighting effects, fabrics, and other decorative items so they blend seamlessly with your other decorative elements.
  • Top Support Pole Draping – This is where you run strings of lights, fabrics, vines, flowers, or any combination of these from the top center support, and then secure them to the side supports of the tent. You can run them along any of the other top support poles, or simply allow them to hang freely, depending on the look you want to create. For more upscale and classy affairs, you could even hang chandeliers from the center supports.
  • Space Under the Tent – You have a wide array of options to choose from to make the space truly charming. You could opt for light-up furniture, satin throw pillows, ottomans, dance floors, columns, mirrors, and more.

Prior to adding decorative items to your party tent and other party supply rentals, discuss what you want to do with your party supply and tent rental company since there can be certain restrictions, and the last thing you want to do is to be charged for “damages” because you decided to put a hole in the tent to string lights.

In addition, your rental provider often has other tips and ideas to transform your party tent into a stunning design that your guests will talk about long after. For all of your party supplies, tents, chairs, tables, amusements, lighting, and more, please remember to contact Durants Party Rentals at (845) 684-2275 today! We have everything you need for weddings, birthdays, family reunions, corporate events, and any other special occasion!

May 24, 2017

Should I Rent or Buy Items for My Wedding?

When it comes to renting items like a cottage for the weekend or a special tool for that big home project, you may not think twice, but have you ever considered that knowing what to rent for a wedding can also offer you many benefits? The truth is that many weddings involve rental items. In fact, there are enough wedding items available to outfit your entire event!

Why Rent?

There are two main reasons to rent items for your wedding. The first is cost. Several items that are available to rent cost a fraction of what they would to buy.

The second reason is convenience. When you get your items from a party rental company, you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to store them. Rather, the company delivers all of your ordered items, well in advance of the big day, and then picks them up when it’s all over.

What Can You Rent?

Durants Party Rentals offers rental tables, chairs, tents, glassware and amusements for every aspect of your wedding, from the ceremony to cocktail hour and the reception. In fact, you can rent everything you need for dinner, including dishes, glasses, flatware, and your wedding linens.


Some wonder why they can’t just purchase one or more tents and then set them up themselves. Of course, there is nothing stopping anyone from doing this, but if you’ve never done it before, you may be in for a few unwelcome surprises.

To avoid unpredictability, it makes much more sense to simply call a rental company to order your tent and have it set up for you by professionals, with knowledge about quick, proper tent set-up.

Tables, Chairs, and More

If your wedding venue is a “blank canvas,” meaning that it’s taking place in a large, empty area, you will need tables and chairs, both for the ceremony and for the wedding dinner. These can all be rented.

Renting these items can add elegance to your special day—with very little effort on your part.


What are amusements when it comes to your wedding? This term can be used to describe anything from bubble machines and to sound systems. A bubble or fog machine can add an ethereal touch to a wedding. Or, you can choose to rent a disco ball and a DJ system to keep everyone on the dance floor.

You can even rent a frozen drink or popcorn machine to ensure a constant flow of delicious treats. Regardless of the amusements you choose, each can help you create an experience for your guests that they won’t soon forget.

Call the Professional Wedding Rental Experts

A wedding is more than a ceremony; it’s a major life event. Calling professionals who understand weddings can relieve a lot of your planning stress. Durants Party Rentals has five locations in the Hudson Valley area, each with trained consultants to help you make your wedding unforgettable. Contact us today at (845) 684-2275 to arrange a visit to one of our five showrooms.

May 8, 2017

Jump into Summer with Bounce House Rentals from Durants Party Rentals

With the school year over, kids are on summer vacation and looking for things to keep them entertained. While weekend trips to the beach or a waterpark are a great family outing, both tend to be overly packed and crowded. Why not bring the beach or waterpark to your own backyard with bounce house rentals?

Jump into Summer with Bounce House Rentals

Durants Party Rentals offers many worthwhile reasons to consider bounce house rentals this summer. First, we carry a wide array of different styles and colors of bounce houses, including:

  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses
  • Inflatable 3-in-1 Mini Crayon Play Centers
  • Inflatable Bounce and Slide Combos
  • Inflatable Full-Sized Bounce Houses
  • Inflatable Deluxe Crayon Play Centers
  • Inflatable Deluxe Gladiator/Joust/Boxing Rings
  • Inflatable Games
  • Inflatable Slides
  • Water Inflatables

Next, our bounce houses are safe for children, tweens, teens, and adults. We take the time to inspect and verify each of our inflatables is working correctly, clean, and safely. Plus, we help keep rental costs affordable so you can enjoy them as often as you want during your rental period.

Why People Rent Bounce Houses in the Summer

Blow-up bounce houses and water inflatables are very popular birthday party items, especially during the summer months. Bounce houses provide hours of entertainment for guests after the presents are opened and the cake has been eaten. Besides birthday parties, you can rent a blow-up inflatable for any reason, especially for parties with young children.

Rent a Blow-Up Bounce House

You may want to host a neighborhood kids’ party so all the parents in your neighborhood can get the kids outdoors for some fresh air and off the computer, TV, tablet or other devices. Bounce houses are also great additions for family reunions, cookouts, block parties, and other summertime gatherings.

Inflatable rentals are not just for little kids, either, and are perfect for entertaining tweens and teens, too. For instance, you can bring the waterpark to your backyard with one of our “Super Splash Down” water inflatable water slides. Instead of your tween or teen locked away in their bedroom or off with their friends, they would be home, enjoying themselves with their friends.

Our bounce houses and water inflatables are easy to transport and set up, too. We provide you with instructions on how to safely set up the inflatable and take it down after your rental period is over. In addition, we offer access to a wide assortment of entertainment and amusement products, tents, tables, chairs, and other such items to make your summertime parties and celebrations fun, exciting, and memorable for guests of all ages.

For a free rental quote on our inflatables or other items, please feel free to contact Durants Party Rentals at (845) 684-2275 today! We have several convenient locations in the Tristate area!

April 24, 2017

What Do You Need to Throw the Ultimate Graduation Party?

Hosting the ultimate graduation party means being surrounded by friends, family, and relatives, and requires careful planning.

Ultimate Graduation Party

You’ll want to decide on the graduation party theme, like a beach or tropical theme, carnival theme, or a retro theme. A theme will help you determine what food, activities, and entertainment you want during the party. When making these types of decisions, take into account the number of guests you expect to attend, so there will be plenty of food and things to keep guests entertained.

Taking Your Graduation Party to the Next Level

To host the ultimate celebration that you and your guests will always remember, you can find many items available from our graduation party rentals, including:

  • Tents – Tents provide shaded areas and protection in case of rain, so your party can be enjoyed even longer.
  • Tables and Chairs – You will want to make sure you have plenty of tables and chairs at which guests can sit down, relax, and eat.
  • Inflatables – From bouncy houses to slides and water “slip-n-slides,” inflatables are a great way to entertain multiple guests at the same time.
  • Dunk Booths – This activity is great fun and allows you to dunk your friends and family into a dunk tank.
  • Sound Systems – You will definitely want music, and a sound system is a must.
  • Popcorn Machines – Popcorn is a great snack to serve, and it works with many themes.
  • Hot Dog Machines – Hot dogs are great as a grab and go food while your guests enjoy having fun at your graduation party.
  • Fog Machines – For evening parties, a fog machine can be fun when combined with lighting to create special effects.
  • Lighting – Nighttime parties can be extended further into the evening with various types of lighting to match your theme.
  • Frozen Drink Machines – Keep your guest cool and have fun creating your own themed beverages with a frozen drink machine.
  • Foam Machines – Foam machines are great for pool parties and other water-type themes.

Graduation Party Themes

Make sure to consult with your friends so your party won’t overlap with theirs, or even better, you can combine celebrations and have even more fun per minute.

Durants Party Rentals specializes in providing rental items for any celebration imaginable, from graduation parties to weddings, festivals, sweet 16s, quinceañeras, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, and more. Stock a diverse selection of tents, tables, chairs, inflatables, and amusements for all ages!

As you can see, there are all sorts of fun and exciting party rental items, equipment, and amusements you can incorporate into your graduation party to create the ultimate celebration. For assistance in party planning and party rentals in the Tri-State area, with showrooms in each of our five locations to view our various exciting rentals. To start planning your ultimate graduation party, contact Durants Party Rentals at (845) 684-2275 today!

January 18, 2017

Wedding Trends 2017

In the world of wedding trends, things are constantly changing, evolving and starting anew. Want to be on the cutting edge with you nuptials? Here is what will be hot and trendy in 2017.

Color Trends

Last year we saw cool, softer colors, but 2017 is gearing up to be bold and bright by incorporating red, yellow, and orange into bouquets and centerpieces. This adds pop without overdoing the decor. Metallic accents will be a huge trend this year featured prominently as an accent shade.

Invitation Trends

Artisanal invites will be all the rage – think less paper and ink, more wood, metal, and fabric. More and more couples will look to set the tone of their wedding via this first introduction and skipping traditional invites. Not only are these invites completely unique to the couple, but they lay the groundwork for what’s to come on the big day.

Table Trends

No more traditional sit-down dinners! It’s family style for a more relaxed, personal, and intimate wedding. Long tables bring back memories of the days when that style of dining was a typical Saturday night. Another hot trend is cocktail-style receptions. This gives more time to the reception, dancing, and enjoying your guests.

Food Trends

Three words: street food trucks! Trendy, popular and loved by all. Think miniature midnight snacks, such as posh fish and chips, miniature burgers, and crepes – and those are just a few of the options! Or ask your cater to serve midnight snacks, such as miniature pizzas and bagels. After all, no one wants to go home feeling hungry.

Cake Trends

Dramatic wedding cakes will be so 2016, with couples opting instead for tiered displays of delectable donuts, whimsical cupcakes, or scrumptious macaroons. Choose one tasty treat or offer guests a multitude of options with a few mouthwatering sweets to choose from. Forgoing the tedious multi-tiered cake is a great way to save a few bucks and it’ll give you a chance to jump on board the latest dessert craze.

Favor Trends

No more candles or DIY favors guests leave behind. Give something your guests appreciate or want to take home! Give them mini potted plants that will bring back memories of your wedding when they flower each year