Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver. Ask our delivery department for our reasonable rates.


Do you deliver the same day of the event?

We normally deliver 1 to 2 days in advance and pick up 1-3 days after the event. However, special circumstances will require same-day delivery. (i.e.. surprise party)


When you deliver do you also set up the tables and Chairs?

No, our deliveries are tailgate only. Set-up and takedown of tables and chairs are available for an extra charge. A site plan must be provided. Call for rates and details.


Do I need to leave a deposit?

Yes, we ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Payment in full is due before delivery day.   We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards, cash, and local checks with a valid driver's license.


Can I change my order once I've placed it without being penalized?

Changes to your order may be made up until the Friday before the week of your event date without penalty. After said Friday, reductions made without penalty are limited to 10% of each rental group's total amount. Additions to your order may be made within 14 days as long as the product is available; added rentals will incur an additional handling charge.  


How do the rentals come packed?

You receive the rentals ready to go! All dish and glassware arrive in racks and containers wrapped and sealed for immediate use. All electrical equipment has been tested and prepared for your use.


Do I need to clean the rentals before returning?

We ask that you remove any excess debris by rinsing it off before returning. You do not have to wash the equipment. Charcoal must be removed from grills. Oil must be removed from fryers.


What if I break or damage a rental?

We offer a damage waiver option, which will cover all breakage and damages to our product. This option is well worth the investment. Ask us for details.


What if I lose a rental product?

You are responsible for the replacement cost of the item. However, we allow our customers 2 weeks to try to find the item, as it will usually reappear.


How long can I keep the rentals without being charged another day?

You can pick up your rentals a day in advance and return the day after your event without being penalized. For example, your event is Saturday, you can pick-up rentals on Friday during store hours and return anytime on Monday during store hours. Please contact the store you are picking up from for their store hours.


What is the difference between a frame tent, a pole tent, and an APC tent?

A pole tent is held up by tension and requires staking every 10 feet, plus additional stakes at each corner. It also requires large center poles every 20 feet inside the tent. The nice part about a pole tent is the added look of peaks from the center poles, adding height and dimension to your tent. A-frame tent requires minimal staking, usually between 6 and 12 stakes. Further, since the stakes are to hold the tent down (instead of adding tension to the tent), the stakes are installed much closer to the tent, and thus a frame tent can fit in areas where a pole tent could not. A-frame tent will also be free of interior center poles since a metal frame and legs hold it up. A-frame tent can also bridge a patio, driveway, or garden where a pole tent would have to be staked into those surfaces. An APC tent, or all-purpose tent, is a less formal, lighter tent. Perfect for graduations and picnics where you desire cover from rain and sun but do not require the sidewall option. APC tents are very easy to install. In fact, many of our customers do just that. It will take about 20 minutes to set up an APC tent with 2 adults. We offer a 20x20, 20x30, and 20x40 APC tent. We provide do-it-yourself instructions and advice as needed.


How will I know if I can fit a certain tent in the lawn area I have?

The first thing you need to do is measure the area you wish to put the tent in. You will need to add 10 feet in both length and width to the dimensions for staking. (This means if you want a 20' x 30' tent, you will need an area of 30' x 40'). This area must be flat with no obstacles in the way, either above or below the ground! Obstacles may include fences, boulders, swing sets, driveways, sprinkler systems, septic fields, etc. In addition to the ground area, we will also need truck access onto your property and close to the tent setting and 18' overhead space where the tent will be installed. If you are not certain your desired location fits these requirements, please e-mail us photos of the site, and we will evaluate it for suitability. We also do site visits on larger tents.


What size tent will I need for my event?

The following list is a "best guess" for the capacity of different tent sizes: 15' x 15' 32 people 20' x 20' 40 people 20' x 30' 60 people 20' x 40' 80 people 30' x 30' 90 people 30' x 40' 100 people 30' x 45' 130 people 30' x 60' 180 people 40' x 40' 160 people 40' x 60' 240 people 40' x 80' 320 people 40' x 100' 400 people. This size chart is just for guest seating 10 guest per table. A larger tent will be needed depending on buffet lines, dance floor, staging, bars, etc.


Should I rent sidewalls for my tent in case it rains?

That all depends. It does not rain sideways, and the sidewalls will increase the temperature under the tent by 10-15 degrees. Sidewalls are most useful on cold days/evenings or when there is a need to block an undesirable view. Please keep in mind the "APC" tents can not support the weight of sidewalls.


When should I have my lawn cut before my party?

Make sure you do not cut your lawn on the date of the tent install. The green sap that is left on the surface of your lawn will stain our equipment as we have to lay most of it on the ground during installation. It is always best to have your lawn a little longer during an event, allowing it to recover quicker from traffic compaction. If your event is on a Saturday, you would want your lawn mowed no later than Wednesday. Cutting your lawn after the tent is installed will be very difficult around the poles and sidewall, and the grass will stain the equipment for sure.


I need to rent a dance floor, what size will I need?

Dance floor sections come in 3x4 foot sections. Each section can hold up to 2 people, and a general rule of thumb is 50% of your guests will dance at any one time. While the options are endless, the following dance floor dimensions are common sizes:

9x12 (9 sections) 18 people dancing 30-36 people in attendance
9 x 16 (12 sections) 24 people dancing 45-50 people in attendance
12 x 12 (12 sections) 24 people dancing 45-50 people in attendance
12 x 15 (15 sections) 30 people dancing 55-60  people in attendance
12 x 16 (16 sections) 32 people dancing 60-65 people in attendance
12 x 18 (18 sections) 36 people dancing 65-70 people in attendance
15 x 16 (20 sections) 40 people dancing 75-80  people in attendance
12 x 21 (21 sections) 42 people dancing 80-85  people in attendance
16 x 18 (24 sections) 48 people dancing 95-100 people in attendance
15 x 20 (25 sections) 50 people dancing 95-100 people in attendance
12 x 28 (28 sections) 54 people dancing 100-110 people in attendance
16 x 21 (28 sections) 56 people dancing 105-110 people in attendance
15 x 24 (30 sections) 60 people dancing 115-120 people in attendance
18 x 20 (30 sections) 60 people dancing 115-120 people in attendance
20 x 21 (35 sections) 70 people dancing 135-140 people in attendance
24 x 24 (48 sections) 96 people dancing 190-195 people in attendance
Please remember our dance floors must be set up under a tent or indoors.


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